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Meet Harley

Harley is the doggie I never knew I needed or wanted. She’s an Alaskan Klee Kai and she is the sweetest little gal I’ve ever met. I may be biased since she’s mine, but she’s been so easy to care for and provides so much happiness to me and my family.

I’d always wanted a dog. I never grew up with them, but I admired the companionship they provided my friends and family. I always had the time to be an excellent dog sitter and amazing dog auntie, but never had the time to care for my own dog.

With the pandemic and the realization that I would be working full time from home, I decided now was the best time to be a dog mom.. I have the time to commit and provide the attention a little puppy needed. But which breed was right for me? How do you train a dog? What do I feed it?, OMG, I have so many questions.

After researching different dog breeds/temperament and size I stumbled upon a breed called the “Alaskan Klee Kai”. Love at first sight!. They have the right temperament and would be about the size that would fit comfortably in my not so big home. However, getting a Klee Kai would prove challenging but by some miracle it happened.

I quickly discovered that buying a Klee Kai takes patience and a lot of work. Finding a breeder, getting on their waiting list, interviews, etc. takes time. I learned that they only breed Klee Kai’s at certain times of the year and the litters aren’t big. On top of that, it seems many other people were of the same mindset and wanted a Klee Kai too!

After a month or so of trying to bring home a Klee Kai, I realized I may need to find a different breed. Just as that search began, a breeder we’d reached out to previously contacted us and said she had a little girl puppy available. We jumped at the chance and adopted her.

Harley, our little bundle of energetic Klee Kai heaven was one of the best things to happen during COVID-19. In only a brief amount of time, she has shown me the love and loyalty I never realized was missing from my life. I often brag about her. Actually I brag about her every day, LOL! She is perfect and I’m that proud dog mom I never thought I’d be.

At the time of this writing, Harley is five months old, and boy what an adventure it’s been so far. We definitely learn from one another. I learned that I have this little doggie that depends on me for everything is wicked smart and I feel so lucky that she has been so easy to train.

I was blown away that at five months she is able to sit, lie down, give you her paw and stay. But that’s not the coolest part, can you believe that she rings a bell to tell me when she needs to go potty? Seriously, she rings a bell. While all that is cool, my favorite part is the snuggles; and she gives the best little snuggles.

So don’t miss it! Join our email list and let us send you a quick note when a new post is ready for your enjoyment. For now enjoy a few of the photos and videos of Harley. Until next time….have a wooftastic day!

All My Love,

Harley & Jazmin



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